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1, with their rivalry:

Mortal fear of fruit Buddha club, in order to change the world, we must first change their own self-criticism is the only way to success.

2,Abstar of changing culture is:

A person to change the will of that attitude is everything!

When a person has a world-class attitude, he will find first-class way of the world!

Abstar the culture of learning is:

Our only competitive advantage than our competitors to learn more and learn faster! Pick up easier than creating the success of the fastest way is to copy!

Learning in advance to plan, completion of assessment, learning to make use of.

Abstar training culture: a reasonable request is to train, the unreasonable demands temper, regardless of the reasonable exercise!

Abstar forty-three philosophy is:

Rely on philosophy: victory by Germany eternally rely science, big rely on record

Three special philosophy: focus, focus, specificity

Philosophy Sanqin: Diligence, thrift, hard work

Trichotomy of thinking: square, anti-party, third-party

Abstar the team culture:

Is no perfect person, the only perfect team, the team is me, I am the team.

Team to do the favorite, do not do the liabilities of the team!

Abstar the culture of communication is:

Speech should be specific, be clear, to quantify, communication, attention to the reply system!

Communication treasures: nod, smile, and praise!

Abstar the management culture is:

Management is a serious love, pro-Yan Shu wide!

Management is high standards and strict requirements, management is simple and clear details of the military school family

Not the person, stress management impersonal management is the responsibility of the responsibility for 20/80 rule x 2 = 0

The essence of management lies not know but that line know there is no force, I believe and do will have the power!

Abstar the management of four grasp: caught repeatedly, repeatedly paying close attention to focus, focus on improving

Abstar successful three traits:

Serious, fast, and our commitment

How to do things seriously? ----- Everything initiative ----- best ----- passionate

Abstar service culture is:

The attitude of the service: customer service equal to the customer care

The services are: customer service is equal to help customers solve problems

Three services: 1, the share of services, edge services, related services and products

Abstar's mission:

Abstar concept of Thanksgiving: In this world, do you think will be less and less a matter of course, will be more and more things you are grateful!

Abstar succeeded Law:success is simple and easy thing repeated to do!

What is simple: We believe that the very simple things thousands of times repeatedly to do this is called simple!

What is not easy: everyone recognized as a very easy thing to do it seriously and repeatedly called is not easy