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Shenzhen Abstar Furniture Co., Ltd is dedicated to creating high-quality office furniture, large enterprises, rely on the furniture industry cluster advantages in the Pearl River Delta and the special economic zones, export-oriented policy support, just a few years time, we in the coastal and inland hubdeveloped cities has also made impressive market performance.

Abstar determine the full-time business furniture that moment on, you know the product line with an independent property rights is the foundation of our business. For both artistic and functional office furniture, the overall style of the planning commission and foreign professional furniture design company control, combined with our more than ten years of experience in product engineering and ultimately with the overall grand, well-structured, the details of fine office furniture systems.

Strict organizational structure, a collection of team strength, and ordered to start work in a clear business process, from order to installation on site, rely on the ERP system in the process of deployment of control and operating standards in strict accordance with the implementation of quality management system and environmental management system, orderly business activities so that we obtain an absolute advantage in quality, delivery and price.

Demanding quality, is committed to environmental protection and customer first ho Bullock throughout the whole purpose, in strict accordance with the ISO international quality management system and environmental management system design, development, production, sales and service, all products with eight years free warranty and lifetime maintenance commitment.

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