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Pre-sale Service

Will provide professional design ( Graphic three-dimensional) simulation services.
Help you to lay out the most space-saving and cost-effective office layout.
Telephone inquiry
Showroom to display products
Professional door-to-door sales staff to introduce the product

Sales Service Process

Professional engineers from large-scale project management department, to follow up with the decoration of the coordination unit, to ensure that the delivery and installation of furniture accurate.
Computer aided drafting and design.
Product service model simulation.
Professional project management services.
Furniture in service.
Fast delivery service.
Professional installation and maintenance repair services.

After Service

All of the company 's products are sold to enjoy ten years warranty, in my company's products to customer confidence and assurance, product maintenance of highly efficient praise. 

The city's free professional transportation: Seller shall respond within the maintenance requirements of two hours receipt of the Purchaser. (To the area agency or service organization.)

Receipt of the Purchaser any maintenance requirements: within 4 hours to make the corresponding solution. Although you have become the company's customers, but this commitment to you has not terminated ...

The customer service center full-time responsible for handling customer consultation, complaints, maintenance and emergency services, as well as the goodwill visit, and strive to solve all the needs of customers;

Services include: the reorganization and relocation of furniture, furnishing fabrics, refurbished, tables and chairs are refurbished in the warranty period, the human factors of the product if not damaged, the repair can not be normal use, will be given to replacement with new products.

The first accredited site supervision of a full track projects

Division I accumulated many years of engineering experience, is fully aware that to do engineering, site supervision is essential. In view of this, I set up the Engineering Services Department, and consists of a VIP customer service specialist. Its duties are: signing the contract stage, into the project team and be familiar with the project early;

Determine the stage of the program: to attend the meeting with the Party, decoration party, to assist in the implementation of the project design; pre-production stage, the scene with the positioning of the construction unit, put the line, to coordinate the cross operating units to prepare the preliminary work;

Production of the stage: in conjunction with the factory, will be the spirit of the design and site conditions in a timely, accurate feedback; and decoration, with the grasp of design changes, and communication installation time;

Installation of stages: to closely monitor the project, strict control of quality, quality problems affect other successful, should be promptly informed in writing to Party A and relevant units; tie and decoration to use cross-practices to improve the efficiency of the installation; to maintain smooth communication with the Party in the implementation of the project in writing and timely feedback;

Acceptance of stages: first the internal acceptance and correct quality problems, to Party A detailed technical tests, accompanied Party acceptance of a detailed record of the acceptance of the situation, and to develop a detailed corrective measures.